Books and other things

An autographed copy

We are always growing in the ways the Holy Ghost operates in our lives. This book is a refresher text for the process.


An autographed copy of Keep Walking in Prayer…until you can’t come back

I share stories of my faith and prayer journey to encourage you, to make you laugh and to give you hope. This is the #StudyGuideEdition that offers aids at the end of each chapter to provoke discussion and thought.


An autographed copy of Mustard Seed Mondayz: weekly faithbytes for a year

It’s a devotional, inspirational collection of thought pieces to provoke prayer, peace and discussion


An autographed copy of this journal.

This is a lined journal to accompany your reading of Keep Walking in Prayer...until you can’t come back.


An autographed copy of the journal.

This is a lined journal to facilitate your reading of Mustard Seed Mondayz.